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I  Flew The Zepplin From Queenstown to Milford Sound Very Scenic and The Zepplin Is A Beautiful Model to Fly- I Did Notice That When the Pitch Was Trimed The Vertical Speed Would Swing From - 7 to +7 constantly But Still An Enjoyable Model . Thank you More Please

Thanks for the feedback ! Wow, I haven't touched the Zepelin in ages and didn't think there was any interest in it. I'd like to add some sort of interior to it too at some stage :-)

Coool , I Always Wanted To Fly Thunderbird 2 ,..Serenity,..In The T.A.R.D.I.S. ,..X Wing,..Blue Whale,.......OH My !!     Sooo Happy , Thanks Brilliant Please More

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Haha ! Thanks for the vote of support ! The Fantasy project has the lowest downloads compared to the other more serious ones so it's good to hear from fans that like them too :-)

Nice mods sir,always adding more and it plays terrific in vr yo.I haven’t tried these most recent releases yet.

Yeah, the hot air balloon is quite a trip in VR. Hope to get to experience that in real life sometime too :-)

Hi, would like to have your support before buying. I downloaded and installed the hotair-balloon about 20 times in 20 different ways, set my controls to legacy etc., but whatever I try, the balloon doesn't show. The strange thing is that I installed the B-25, the Zero and the Spitfire without any problem. But another strange thing is that I removed all 3 out of my community-folder completely, but they are still in my hangar. ?? And yet another strange thing: when they were in my community-folder they showed as an empty-folder, but the hotair-ballon didn't show that way. Your suggestions are very much appreciated!! please send them to hertzieaddhetnetpointnl THANKS!!!! 

Hi, thanks for your interest ! Assume you are referring to the free balloon here ? 

I've also shared some troubleshooting tips here - but will also drop you a note at the address you provided.

I again tried for about 2 hours, but whatever I do, in appdata or whatever, no show. Thanks for help, but I give up.

Regards, Erik

Sent an email with some more screenshots and info. Please reply if that still doesn't work for you.