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Project for custom Hot Air Balloons and Blimps for MS Flight Simulator.

Feel free to contact us to commission your own custom hot air balloon or blimps :-)

Update 26-Sep 2021:

Added a version of our Hot Air Balloon that takes off vertically with the AirlandFS flight model.

You will need to launch the game, spawn the helicopter of your choice in the game, then run the AirlandFS.exe app in the "AirlandFS" folder to get the flight model demonstrated in video below:

Update 12-6-2021:

Added blimp commissioned by ForderLearnToFly.com for "eye in the sky" reporting at start and finish airports for endurance runs and events :-)

Update 22-4-2021:

Added vertical take off to Hot Air Balloon. Using the same 2 engine throttle method as our F-35B - https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/f35

Flame animation and burner sounds (triggered with landing gear switch).

Compilation of these mods as of 7-Mar-2021:

Based on these awesome models here.

Update 6-Mar: Added Carl's House from Up:

Update 15-Nov: Added the Atlantic Flyer as a custom commission:

Update 2-Dec: Added Darth Vader balloon

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flightsimsquadron-hotair-balloon-virgin.zip 3 MB
flightsimsquadron-balloon-storm-richmond.zip 3 MB
flightsimsquadron-hotair-balloon-capsule.zip 8 MB
flightsimsquadron-vader-balloon.zip 7 MB
flightsimsquadron-santa-balloon.zip 41 MB
flightsimsquadron-flying-trabant.zip 54 MB
flightsimsquadron-whale-balloon.zip 6 MB
flightsimsquadron-chinese-lantern.zip 17 MB
flightsimsquadron-house-balloon.zip 99 MB
flightsimsquadron-bernie-balloon.zip 19 MB
flightsimsquadron-hot-air-balloon.zip 8 MB
flightsimsquadron-blimp-forderlearntofly.zip 28 MB
flightsimsquadron-hot-air-balloon-airland.zip 18 MB
flightsimsquadron-hot-air-balloon-2079.zip 45 MB
flightsimsquadron-not-spy-balloon.zip 10 MB

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I  Flew The Zepplin From Queenstown to Milford Sound Very Scenic and The Zepplin Is A Beautiful Model to Fly- I Did Notice That When the Pitch Was Trimed The Vertical Speed Would Swing From - 7 to +7 constantly But Still An Enjoyable Model . Thank you More Please

Thanks for the feedback ! Wow, I haven't touched the Zepelin in ages and didn't think there was any interest in it. I'd like to add some sort of interior to it too at some stage :-)

Coool , I Always Wanted To Fly Thunderbird 2 ,..Serenity,..In The T.A.R.D.I.S. ,..X Wing,..Blue Whale,.......OH My !!     Sooo Happy , Thanks Brilliant Please More

(1 edit)

Haha ! Thanks for the vote of support ! The Fantasy project has the lowest downloads compared to the other more serious ones so it's good to hear from fans that like them too :-)

Nice mods sir,always adding more and it plays terrific in vr yo.I haven’t tried these most recent releases yet.

Yeah, the hot air balloon is quite a trip in VR. Hope to get to experience that in real life sometime too :-)

Hi, would like to have your support before buying. I downloaded and installed the hotair-balloon about 20 times in 20 different ways, set my controls to legacy etc., but whatever I try, the balloon doesn't show. The strange thing is that I installed the B-25, the Zero and the Spitfire without any problem. But another strange thing is that I removed all 3 out of my community-folder completely, but they are still in my hangar. ?? And yet another strange thing: when they were in my community-folder they showed as an empty-folder, but the hotair-ballon didn't show that way. Your suggestions are very much appreciated!! please send them to hertzieaddhetnetpointnl THANKS!!!! 

Hi, thanks for your interest ! Assume you are referring to the free balloon here ? https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft/devlog/187966/hot-air-ball... 

I've also shared some troubleshooting tips here - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/10/22/mod-installation-troubleshooting-tips/ but will also drop you a note at the address you provided.

I again tried for about 2 hours, but whatever I do, in appdata or whatever, no show. Thanks for help, but I give up.

Regards, Erik

Sent an email with some more screenshots and info. Please reply if that still doesn't work for you.