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Sci-Fi aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

For more behind the scenes info on our work, check out https://flightsimsquadron.com/

To manage expectations, they are not to scale, pretty rubbish to fly, have no animations, working interior or sound .... Some have trouble taking off properly and work best when spawned in mid-air or used with 'slew mode'.

So should really not be used for any purpose other than to take some screenshots for fun :-)

Update 1/1/21:

So we thought we’d wrap up 2020 with a bit of a summary of our progress so far, some project changes, and thoughts going forward.

It's been an amazing journey and we can't believe there have been over 200K downloads for our mods ! Thank you all for your support !

More info at https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/12/30/2020-wrap-up/

We've also created new aircraft categories to cater for the growing list, ie

- Jet Fighters - our most popular range with F-22 and F-14 being the top ones.

- Vintage - historical aircraft including those from previous World Wars

- Current - aircraft that are current and are not Jet Fighters

Link to the collection of awesome models used for this project here.

Update 8/1/21:

Just learned that IGN featured our our Star Wars ships with an awesome highlight reel !


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starwars-atat.zip 747 kB
dsc-enterprise.zip 8 MB
macross-vf1js.zip 5 MB
razor-crest.zip 91 MB
serenity-firefly.zip 70 MB
starwars-x-wing 73 MB
starwars-shuttle.zip 64 MB
flightsimsquadron-starwars-a-wing.zip 68 MB
flightsimsquadron-starwars-y-wing.zip 68 MB
starwars-milleniumfalcon.zip 64 MB
uss-ncc1701d.zip 77 MB
Star Destroyer in Sydney 4 MB
flightsimsquadron-razorcrest-open.zip 150 MB
flightsimsquadron-tie-defender.zip 18 MB
flightsimsquadron-cylon-raider.zip 73 MB
flightsimsquadron-hoverbike-rocket.zip 98 MB
flightsimsquadron-slave1.zip 78 MB
flightsimsquadron-uss-discovery.zip 77 MB
flightsimsquadron-tardis.zip 9 MB
flightsimsquadron-boba-fett.zip 81 MB
flightsimsquadron-podracer.zip 72 MB
flightsimsquadron-lotus-esprit-hover.zip 14 MB
dmc-delorean.zip 10 MB
flightsimsquadron-milleniumfalcon.zip 47 MB
flightsimsquadron-snowspeeder.zip 47 MB
flightsimsquadron-barc-speeder-bike.zip 102 MB
flightsimsquadron-landspeeder.zip 1 MB
flightsimsquadron-space1999-eagle.zip 70 MB
flightsimsquadron-jupiter2.zip 6 MB
flightsimsquadron-viper.zip 137 MB
flightsimsquadron-speeder-bike.zip 229 MB
flightsimsquadron-tieadvanced.zip 21 MB
flightsimsquadron-tie-interceptor.zip 20 MB
flightsimsquadron-tie-fighter.zip 22 MB
flightsimsquadron-tie-advanced.zip 21 MB

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Nice, I told you that the Community was BUZZING about your aircraft bro! Keep it up, your going places!!!

 Got a link ?


Ah yes, that one. Thanks !


The Macros model I Flew Over London is easy to fly and the chitty chitty Bang Bang Model Had Me Singing Its Song While I Flew Around Ohau, Brilliant !

That's great to hear! 

Wow guys your Ironman mod is awesome in VR. Having so much fun!

Thanks for the feedback ! Good to hear others are enjoying our fun mods :-)

Harley please and side car is fine.

Could you share the correct steam path to install these mods ? 

It depends on your Steam library location - some tips shared on bottom of this page - https://www.msfsaddons.org/aircraft/sci-fi

C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

Found it.

if you could share the link to the DeLorean,thanks.

Thanks for the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I’ve been told my bike sounds like that.


Thank you for your mods but consider making a car mod too.

Thanks for the feedback ! We do have one car (the deLorean) but we're keen to try others too. Have created a collection to compile some candidates to potentially add but open to other suggestions as well - https://sketchfab.com/EggMan28/collections/cars

Those cars all look so cool,especially that fifth element taxi.Can I ask you where the delorean can be downloaded ?

It's here in  this Sci Fi project. Look for the "dsc-delorean.zip". Also directly linked here https://eggman28.itch.io/flight-sim-star-wars-ships/devlog/178989/updated-delore...

Just added this hover car - https://flightsimsquadron.com/2020/12/20/dragonball-hovercar/

Hi Eggman can you do y wing, new X wing (t70) b wing and some Rebelion scernary 


PS. Your planes are awesome

Just added :-)


Just added Tantive IV to the Star Destroyer in Sydney scenery

Hi eggman can you do some airlines like 747-100 or 737-800 or some airbuses thanks for reply

I think the big boys are doing those already and there's no way we can do the interiors so unlikely at this stage :-)

Ok thx

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Deleted 344 days ago
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Deleted 358 days ago

Keep up the good work mate and thanks for these mods. Can't wait to see what else you can do or improve on with these :).

Estoy interesado en  modelos de aeronaves de uso agricola.  Me interesa el PIPER PAWNEE BRAVE 375 o PIPER PAWNEE D 260. Cualquiera, o ambos, estoy dispuesto a pagar por ellos.